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Debut tác giả Ray Kessler Introduces “A Face in the Night” at the GAHM on Dec. 3

Written on 14. November 2022. Posted in Allgemein, News

Please join us on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 5 pm EST for a special book launch buổi tiệc ngọt of AFace in the Night, a historical novel with a supernatural twist, by & with author Ray Kessler at the German-American Heritage Museum in Washington, DC.

Taste of Oktoberfest in Washington, DC | Oct. 14 at 4 PM

Written on 4. October 2022. Posted in Allgemein, News

It"s almost time for DC"s inaugural Oktoberfest! Yes, that world-renowned Bavarian folk festival, which is held annually in Munich, và which attracts more than six million people from around the world in tìm kiếm of German beer, music, food, and entertainment.

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting and Dancing to the music of Liab’ und Schneid, Sept. 23 at 6:30 PM

Written on 25. August 2022. Posted in Allgemein, News

Hosted by International Club of DC at the GAHMRegister NowCelebrate Oktoberfest và enjoy a taste of Germany with a very special tasting of German beer, including limited seasonal specialties, German sausage, potato salad, và pretzels.

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Special Presentation, June 28 | Shared History Exhibit: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in German-speaking Lands

Written on 22. June 2022. Posted in Allgemein, News

Please join us on Tuesday, June 28 at 6PM (presentation will begin at 6:30 PM EST) at the GAHM in Washington, DC for a special presentation with Dr. Jana Schmidt, GHI, và David Brown, from LBI in NYC to lớn learn more about the fascinating topic of our latest exhibit featuring almost two millennia of Jewish history in central Europe.

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German immigrants helped build the United States through their labor, their ingenuity, and their sheer determination. Many of these German settlers from the East Coast to lớn the Midwest used brick masonry in the construction of their buildings as the material is known for its beauty và durability.
“Modern German Food – Exploring Culinary Germany” with Cook Book Author and Chef Kit Schulte

Written on 2. March 2022. Posted in Allgemein, News

Food is central khổng lồ every culture, & different regions or even localities are often renowned for traditional dishes & ingredients. How have Germany"s quality history with independent principalities, and its geography ranging from the coastal plains of the north khổng lồ the Alps in the south influenced what we hotline German food today?

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