How to lớn pin the screen on an apple iphone 11 Pro Max?

There are times when we need someone else lớn use our iphone 11 Pro Max either to see a photo, a video, use an application or visit a website page, but we bởi vì not want them to be able khổng lồ access the rest of the applications & data on our device either by privacy, security or khổng lồ avoid mistakes.For example, there are times when we need to give the iphone 11 Pro Max to a friend, family thành viên or even a small child và we do not want them to leave that ứng dụng that we have opened. This is very useful, for example, so that young children can watch videos on YouTube without leaving the application and we can even prevent them from doing anything other than watching, that is, blocking the touch panel until we want.Imagine that you want to let someone see a photo or đoạn phim from Instagram but you don"t want them to lớn be able to “like” that publication or see the rest of the publications and “gossip”, since it is possible to vày so on our iPhone 11 Pro Max it is already incorporated in the táo apple operating system for a long time, follow the steps below and we will tell you how to configure it.

Estimated time: 2 minutes.

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1- First step:

To begin we must activate "Guided access" or kiểm tra if we have it activated. We open the settings of the điện thoại apple iphone 11 Pro Max, it is the cogwheel icon that you will find on the trang chủ screen.


2- Second step:

We go down through the settings of the iphone 11 Pro Max until we find the section called "Accessibility", it is the xanh icon that contains the symbol of a person within a trắng circle. Click khổng lồ access.


3- Third step:

There are many accessibility settings for the điện thoại iphone 11 Pro Max, we go down until we find the "Guided Access" section. This is the name chosen by táo apple to sạc an application on your iPhone 11 Pro Max và allow someone else lớn use the device without leaving the application.


4- Fourth step:

Click on "Guided Access" to lớn activate this accessibility or security feature.


5- Fifth step:

Click on "Code settings" if you want to lớn define a different code khổng lồ the one used khổng lồ unlock your apple iphone 11 Pro Max, use your fingerprint or your FaceID to over the guided access.


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6- Sixth step:

Click on "Time limits" if you want a sound or a voice lớn play indicating the time remaining with the guided access on your apple iphone 11 Pro Max.


7- Seventh step:

Click on "Automatic lock" khổng lồ define a different time than usual to lock the apple iphone 11 Pro Max when it is not being used during the guided access.


8- Eighth step:

We have already configured the guided access in the iphone 11 Pro Max, we can now xuất hiện the application that we want to use during the guided access khổng lồ lend the iPhone 11 Pro Max khổng lồ someone else và that they cannot leave or gossip on your điện thoại apple iphone 11 Pro Max. In this example we are going lớn use the Safari website browser.Press three times on the nguồn button of your apple iphone 11 Pro Max, it is the button located to the right of the device.


9- Ninth step:

In the lower left we have the "Options" button from which we can define more very interesting settings such as deactivating the side button, deactivating the volume buttons (very interesting for example to leave the điện thoại iphone 11 Pro Max lớn a child), deactivating the movement, disable keyboards, touchpad, dictionary lookup and activate a time limit. We press "OK" to lớn continue.


10- Tenth step

In the upper right part of the apple iphone 11 Pro Max we have the "Start" button, we press to start the guided access and we can now leave the device to another person with the assurance that they will not be able to lớn exit that application & if we have deactivated the touch panel You will not be able to lớn go through photos for example or cảm biến anything else in that application that we have started.


11- Step eleven

To over the guided access session on your apple iphone 11 Pro Max you must press the power và lock button three times in a row. Guided access options will appear again, click on "Finish" to lớn return khổng lồ normal mode and deactivate "Guided access".


With these simple steps we have learned lớn activate và use the "Guided Access" in our điện thoại apple iphone 11 Pro Max, once configured you can use it at any time by pressing the button indicated in step eight three times.