The 13-inch apple macbook phiên bản pro fits between Apple's entry máy tính xách tay and high-end pro models. It is the last apple computer with the cảm biến Bar & retains the old hãng intel design. Active cooling and a thicker chassis give this máy tính a performance advantage over the mét vuông MacBook Air, despite using the same processor.

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● 2560 x 1600 13.3-inch Retina Display● Apple mét vuông processor● cảm ứng ID● Magic Keyboard with cảm biến Bar● 8GB, 16GB or 24GB RAM, storage up to 2TB SSD● Up to 20 hours battery life● Two Thunderbolt 3 ports● Find great 13-inch apple macbook pro deals● Discounted prices start at $1,049.99 is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate và affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These tiếp thị liên kết partnerships vị not influence our editorial content.

Apple announced the 13-inch apple macbook pro with an mét vuông processor in June 2022 during WWDC. It joined theMacBook Airasthe first Macs with the mét vuông processor.

The entry-level macbook Pro, with 256GB of storage & Apple m2 chip sits at an odd spot in Apple"s lineup. The redesigned laptop macbook Air is $100 cheaper than the 13-inch macbook Pro and runs the same processor. However, users bởi vì gain a slight performance advantage thanks lớn active cooling.

Apple has released high-end models of the macbook phiên bản pro sporting the M1 Pro và M1 Max processor. The 14-inch laptop macbook Pro và 16-inch macbook pro are priced substantially higher than their m2 counterpart, but the price reflects the performance and feature set of those models.

When táo bị cắn dở introduced the m2 MacBook Air during WWDC 2022, it also added the m2 processor lớn the existing 13-inch laptop apple macbook Pro. Nothing else was changed about the laptop, so it retained the old design & Touch Bar.

táo khuyết added the m2 to the 13-inch laptop apple macbook Pro

Rumors had pointed lớn a 14-inch apple macbook pro with a low-end cpu replacing this product, but that did not come khổng lồ pass. Instead, it seems Apple"s strategy is khổng lồ push customers khổng lồ higher laptop macbook Air upgrades or have them jump directly to lớn the $2,000 14-inch laptop macbook Pro.

The mét vuông processor did improve the 13-inch laptop apple macbook Pro"s battery life from 16 hours to trăng tròn hours, and the 18% performance boost over the M1 is present here too. Customers can configure this model with up lớn 24GB of RAM và 2TB of storage.

Since táo bị cắn didn"t change anything significant about the kiến thiết or specs beyond the mét vuông processor, the following features apply lớn the 2020 và 2022 models. The only other difference is the inclusion of a high-impedance tai nghe jack in the 2022 model.

The Magic Keyboardhas finally propagated through Apple"s product line, with the 13-inch macbook pro being the last to lớn receive it in May 2020. Even with multiple revisions, theButterfly keyboardcouldn"t shake its issues with sticky keys và higher failure rates.

The 13-inch apple macbook phiên bản pro is the last one with a cảm biến Bar

Apple has balanced travel & stability in the Magic Keyboard, & no reliability issues have surfaced in the new scissor switches.

Apple revealed its latest keyboard design with the 16-inch macbook phiên bản pro in the fall of 2019. In 2020, the firm updated the apple macbook Air & eveniPad Pro with the new keyboard.

A few other popular additions accompanied the return of the scissor-switch mechanism. The physical escape key returned, with the touch ID button flanking the cảm ứng Bar on the other side. The keyboard also uses inverted-T arrow keys.

The cảm ứng Bar may not be included in future macbook phiên bản pro updates

Apple has begun phasing out the cảm ứng Bar in its keyboards, however, in favor of a full-sized row of function keys. The 13-inch macbook pro is the last model still being sold with the touch Bar.

The late 2020 mã sản phẩm with M1 cpu offers improved video-chat capabilities. While the máy tính still has a 720p webcam, the M1 uses Apple’s updated image signal processor for improved image quality.

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The new ISP adds greater dynamic range, better noise reduction, and superior auto white balance and machine-learning-enhanced face detection. This can combine to make you look clearer in FaceTime or Zoom calls.

After years of powering the iPhone & iPad,Apple"s custom processors now also power the Mac. Rather than merely upgrading an A-series processor táo bị cắn dở chose to create an all-new series of chips starting with the M1.

The entry-level 13-inch macbook phiên bản pro uses the M1 processor with an eight-core CPU & an eight-core GPU. Apple says the new notebook is up to 2.8x faster with 5x faster graphics when compared lớn the previous hãng sản xuất intel model.

Apple"s custom silicon: M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max

Previously, táo khuyết sold two variants of the 13-inch mã sản phẩm — one with two ports & one with four. Rather than repeat this configuration style, táo has replaced the high-end four-port mã sản phẩm with the 14-inch laptop apple macbook Pro.

While the laptop apple macbook Air doesn"t have a fan, the late 2020 macbook phiên bản pro retains an active cooling system lớn allow the M1 processor to lớn handle greater workloads. This is the one advantage of choosing the apple macbook phiên bản pro over the laptop macbook Air.

The new processor also greatly improves the battery life during normal use. Website browsing or other general tasks should be able to lớn last up to trăng tròn hours on a single charge — doubling the previous battery life expectations for Apple"s laptops.

The M1 processor was the first in Apple"s transition lớn custom silicon in its Mac lineup. It continues to iterate on that chipset with more powerful versions lượt thích the M1 Pro và M1 Max. Next, apple is expected lớn release an "M2" processor sometime in 2022. However, it isn"t clear if táo bị cắn dở will renew or retire the 13-inch pro mã sản phẩm due khổng lồ its awkward placement in the lineup.

After a year with the M1 processor in various Macs, hãng apple unveiled the next step in its apple Silicon transition — the M1 Pro và M1 Max. These processors were included as options in the newly updated 16-inch apple macbook Pro and 14-inch laptop macbook Pro.

We examined how the 14-inch model compared lớn the existing M1 13-inch laptop macbook Pro. Apple previously sold a high-end 13-inch mã sản phẩm with more ports và higher processing capabilities, but it appears hãng apple has replaced this with the 14-inch laptop macbook Pro.

Rather than throw the new processor type into existing laptops, táo apple released full redesigns of its high-end macbook phiên bản pro line. But, the 14-inch táo macbook pro is much more expensive than the $1,299 13-inch model, so táo khuyết kept the cheaper one around with its lower entry price.

The apple macbook pro lineup

The new 14-inch macbook pro is different in nearly every way from the 13-inch mã sản phẩm it replaced. The display extends all the way to the edge in a similar-sized chassis, but it accomplished this by adding a notch for the camera housing. The new display is also backlit by mini-LEDs and has a 1,000 nit peak brightness, compared to lớn only 500 nits in the older model.

The ports are also more varied on the 14-inch mã sản phẩm with HDMI, SD thẻ slot, & MagSafe in addition to lớn three Thunderbolt 4 ports. The M1-based apple macbook phiên bản pro has only two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Then there are the processors. The M1 Pro or M1 Max build upon the foundation mix by the M1 with more power, more graphics, & more memory. Of course, these chips are much faster, but the specific specs show yet another huge leap in performance year-over-year. The M1 Max is up to lớn four times faster than the M1.