Lifting and firming power. Estée Lauder scientists discovered that Hibiscus sinensis flowers harvested early in the day capture active molecules for optimal collagen-boosting activity. So we extract from 8 key parts of the flower in the morning for peak potency, then—in a process that takes 83 days from harvest to manufacture—create our extract that helps powerfully encourage skin"s natural collagen.

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Anti-oxidant power. The Moringa Plant (akathe "miracle tree") is bursting with key nutrients, vitamins & amino acids. It"s one of themost powerful youth-infusing ingredientswe"ve ever discovered.


Hydra power. Nourish & plump with nature’s moisture magnet. Super soothing. Ultra hydrating. Each HA molecule helps skin hold on to lớn moisture while supporting its ability to lớn naturally rehydrate itself. It’s the perfect vehicle for hydrated, glowing skin.


Barrier-building power. Derived from the Prickly Pear Cactus, this potent plant stem cell extract is proven lớn provide barrier strengthening benefits.



Beautiful skin starts here. All you need are a fewhigh-performance formulas targeted lớn your skin’s specific needs.

Purify skin with a gentle, multi-action cleanser.

Massage over face using circular motions. Rinse off with water.

Prep skin with intense moisture & radiance.

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Add khổng lồ palm of hand. Press palms together. Pat onto cheeks, chin và forehead. Or, blend with cotton pad.

Powerful, targeted anti-aging treatment.

Massage onto face tracing a heart shape, starting at the center of face và down to lớn chin.

Intense hydration plus targeted anti-aging technologies.

Warm creme between fingertips. Gently sweep over face from center out. Press both hands onto cheeks, forehead và chin.

Targeted treatment. Richly hydrating, highly effective—and gentle.

Using ring finger, apply 3 dots. 1 at outer corner, 1 in middle under eye và 1 at inner eye corner. Gently tap khổng lồ pat in.

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