Over the last few years, Hoian has become a very popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Its buildings và its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to lớn produce this chất lượng heritage site. We can see that many tourists from different countries come to Hoian to visit và feel very excited about this place. If you are looking for gifts for your loved one, our vị trí cao nhất 7 gifts lớn buy in Hoi An will give you some ideas:


1.Silk Lantern

Silk lantern is one of the symbols of this ancient town. You know, Silk is a popular vật phẩm in Hoian, thus the silk lantern was made into production, due khổng lồ high demands in interior design. If you want to buy lantern in Hoian, let’s tương tác with Hung An lantern siêu thị on Nguyen Thi minh khai street over the Japanese Bridge. Two small lanterns should cost just 20,000 VND, a large hand-painted kiến thiết will come in at 140,000 VND. It is very cheap and easy to lớn buy here.

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Many lantern shops offer Lantern Making Tour half day. You can book online at www.yourlocalbooking.com

Hoi An Lantern – Best gift for your loved one

2. Cloths

Despite the fact that you had a very short time in Hoian, let’s take time to lớn go shopping và choose custom cloth you like. The range is wide & varied with plenty of tailors to run up your dream silk suit. Select your cloth yourself from the Cloth Market and choose only the best, remembering to haggle politely on price. When you are ready lớn take your fabric to a tailor it usually pays to find someone who will not make it in a rush, so avoid the 24 hour merchants where possible. You can check most updated suits và fabric online at www.tailorian.com 

3. Seashell Handbags

If your loved ones haven’t had any handmade handbag yet, I think this option is really suitable. You can go khổng lồ souvenir shops and have a look around và you will find interesting handbag there. Your lover will like it & bring it with her lớn any occasion.


Chopsticks are most commonly made of bamboo & Vietnamese people usually use chopstick khổng lồ pick up pieces of food during the meal. You just see chopsticks in our country and some Asian country such as China, Japan, và Korea right? When you comeback your country, I think you have no chance lớn see again. Therefore, I think you should buy chopstick before returning your country. Chopsticks will be the special gift for your family.

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Shoes in Hoian are also very rich in design. The sellers are very enthusiastic and hospitable so I am sure you will find pleasant shoes. Especially in Hoian, footwear looks very cute và soft. Footwear is sold in many shops in the street & the markets in Hoian. Let’s choose one when you visit Hoian.

top gift you need to buy

6. Painting

With mostly water và oil based pieces decorating the wall the pictures for sale here are all by local painters. Most revolve around traditional Vietnamese life including nature, people và costumes; many depict a bygone era. There are some outstanding works of art for sale by very talented local artisans.

7. Tohe

If you visit Hoian you can see a lot of old women sell Tòhe in the street. This kind of product is very famous in Hoian và attracts most of tourists when they come here. The price is very cheap (just 2000 VND or 20000 VND depending on the kích cỡ of Tòhe) và it looks so strange and special.

These things are very popular in Hoian & some you haven’t seen elsewhere so let’s buy some of them if you visit Hoian. It would be so nice khổng lồ have some souvenirs from Hoi An for your beloved when you are back