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Find Out More About the South Korean Variety-Reality Show We Got Married

We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요) was a South Korean reality-variety show that aired on MBC from 2008 to lớn 2017. The show paired up celebrities who pretended lớn be married couples & completed various challenges together. The show ran for four seasons và inspired several spin-offs, including a “global edition” of the show that featured non-Korean celebrities.

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Gong Myung & Jung Hye-sung MBC’s New Partners In We Got Married

There were a pair of newcomer actors taking their places in MBC’s We Got Married. In step with one industry source, actor Gong Myung from 5urprise & actress Hye-sung shot their first meeting at a holiday resort in Gangwon Province on November 30th, 2016.

Gong MyungHye-sung first met on tvN’s My Ear’s Candy, where Gong Myung showed interest in Jung Hye-sung through telephone conversations without knowing her identity. In the end, they continued to own a specific vibe between them, even after revealing their identities.

The couple Gong MyungHye-sung replaced the Jota couple and Kim Jin-kyung once they finished shooting their final episode, & were scheduled lớn air on December 3rd.

In addition, this 1994-born actor just finished shooting the TvN drama Drinking Solo, while the 1991-born actress recently appeared as Park Bo-gum’s sister within the KBS drama Love within the Moonlight.

Gong Myung Admits Dating Jung Hye-sung On We Got Married

It looks like Gong Myung and Hye-sung had something to mention lớn viewers on the February 25th, 2017 installment of We Got Married!

The newlyweds were chatting on the road to a thermal spring và shared their honest thoughts on dating. Jung Hye-sung mentioned something Gong Myung said in an interview, saying, “I saw that when reporters asked you if there was a clear stage folk really dating, you said, ‘Please stay tuned.’ Why didn’t you only say it straight out?”

He responded, “Should we are saying that we’re really dating, then? ‘We’re dating.’ like that,” making Jung Hye-sung start cracking up. The studio panel commented in surprise, “Are they really dating? Is it really true?” This only shows how even other cast members can have their suspicions about the newly ‘married’ couples’ relationships in reality.

Moreover, the episode which required Gong MyungJung Hye Sung to act like they were having a romantic scene at the recent springs, had, indeed, shown everyone how comfortable they really are with one another.

Even though the pair got tư vấn from fans, they didn’t actually date in reality. Jung Hye-sung was even confirmed khổng lồ be dating one in all the members of B1A4, Gongchan.

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First Date Of We Got Married Virtual Couple Gong Myung & Jung Hye-sung

In a piece of the photo released on December 9th, 2016, Hye-sung appeared in a very hat, scarf, & glasses, looking shy as she covered her face, hiding from her virtual husband Gong Myung.

Previously, Gong Myung and Hye-sung had collaborated on the tvN program My Ear’s Candy.


Is Gong Myung Already Married và Who is His Wife?

Gong Myung has starred in many dramas & films since his debut in 2013. Và from the long danh mục of works in his acting career, he has worked with many beautiful actresses and feminine celebrities. However, until now, in 2020, he still remains single và doesn’t seem lớn be in an exceedingly thắm thiết relationship with anyone.

Even in năm 2016 when Gong Myung was paired with Jung Hye-sung in We Got Married as a family unit và also the news of their dating rumors spread both of them denied it. Though their chemistry on the show was so lovely và cute at that point, in the end, it had been beating the past. Now, he’s focused on his acting career and supports his only brother, NCT’s Doyoung; và shows it lớn fans through his personal Instagram account.

Gong Myung Dating Rumors

As one of the rising actors from the Republic of Korea, Gong Myung has been around within the show biz for pretty much seven years since 2013. He has acted in many dramas & films with various beautiful actresses and feminine celebrities making it impossible lớn avoid being involved in dating rumors. For more details, here are Gong Myung‘s dating rumors.

Gong Myung With Jung Hye-sung

The dating rumors about Gong Myung and Hye-sung began to spread after they were paired up as a family unit on the MBC variety We Got Married in 2016. The chemistry that they showed on screen was so lovely and cute that it made fans and folks think that there was something more between them. Even the panels of the show began khổng lồ suspect the reality of their relationship outside the show.

However, after the show ended both of them went on their separate ways. Also, both of them denied the dating rumors about their relationship outside the show.

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