Valve has put out an update for Dota 2 và there"s some major changes coming, along with another new anh hùng set to lớn enter the fold.

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As part of the 2022 Battle Pass: Part II update Valve announced that NVIDIA Reflex tư vấn has been added, & they"ve said that this is the last major update that will have OpenGL tư vấn as everyone will need to lớn be using Vulkan on Linux after that. OpenGL removal was previously announced back in 2021.

For right now though Valve has added Diretide, their annual event with a new Candyworks game mode. This update also comes with a second Cavern Crawl map and the release of another round of rewards.

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As for the new hero, they"re named Muerta và they arrive in early 2023:


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What else?

Oh, there"s also a little sprinkle of Portal with a Cave Johnson (voiced by J. K. Simmons) announcer pack that had its own fun trailer that even pulled in Valve CEO Gabe Newell. Amusingly, Newell calls himself both "G-Money" và "G-Fat" during it.


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Cave Johnson is unlocked at level 75 or so of the battle pass which is not that bad. Not feeling so good about the removal of OpenGL, mainly because Vulkan has been borked for me & some other users for some time now, as the game does not even boot up ( so running "-gl" is the only option lớn play.. :/ Weirdly enough, as one user mentioned, we are recommended using an older Nvidia driver.